Are you in pain or discomfort?

  • In the UK, more than 20% of people suffer pain daily – that’s 12 million people every day
  • More than 70% of those in pain say that pain affects their quality of life
  • How does your back, neck, or shoulder pain affect you?
  • Do you have to take care getting out of bed, or standing and sitting? Or perhaps when you walk? Does it hurt you to pick things up off the floor?  To put your shoes on? At your desk or computer?
  • Does pain affect your decisions about what to do?  Does pain limit your choices in life?
  • Or maybe you just feel a bit stiffer than you used to, and want to make sure it doesn’t get worse?

My name is Peter Wakefield, and I can help you.

Working with me and the Alexander Technique, you will learn in simple, practical steps how to:

  • rid yourself of pain and discomfort
  • move again with ease, poise, and lightness
  • look and feel confident, graceful, and more attractive
  • release tension, to do whatever you want to do with freedom

In a nutshell, you will learn how to go about your life with the ease you had as a small child.

Explore this site for more on the Alexander Technique.  Or fill in your details below to arrange a free consultation on whether the Alexander Technique can help you.  Or, if you prefer, call or email me directly: I’m on 07979 902343 or

Alexander Technique 'constructive rest'

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