More About Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is a practical skill that you learn.  You will learn to live and move with less tension and greater freedom and ease. Learning takes place through experience and trying things out, just as it does for any other practical skill, like playing a musical instrument or driving a car. But unlike most things we learn, the Technique is more about taking things away than adding something new.  You can think of it as a ‘reset’ back towards the flexible and pain-free movement patterns we had as small children, achieved by subtracting the tensions and habits that have accumulated since then without our being aware of them.
Learning proceeds along a twin track: awareness of your patterns of tension and postural habit, and practice in letting these go.  This means learning to think in ways that will encourage less tension, and greater freedom through your muscles.  As your personal tension patterns are released, the natural poise that they have been suppressing reappears.

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