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Parenthood: the physical challenge

Nobody mentioned this! They all talk about the joys of parenthood. Sometimes they talk about the emotional delights. Occasionally they talk about the emotional struggles. But nobody mentions the physical challenge, the sheer hard physical labour of parenthood. The initial joy of parenthood is past – they were exciting times, whether we greeted them with […]

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Back pain? Try this

  You have back pain, and are miserable. I imagine it’s been getting you down for a while, affecting your every movement. Maybe it’s been disturbing your sleep, your ability to work or to look after your family, and your relationships. And you’re worried that it may never pass, that you may have to resign […]

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Back pain and your arms

If you’re reading this, you likely have back pain. Or maybe neck pain, or general stiffness. This post is relevant to all these problems – and to lots of others, too, and looks at one of the ways in which back pain and your arms are closely linked. What we do with our arms has […]

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