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Stretching’s a bad idea – true or false?

So, you’re combatting mid-life aches and stiffness with some healthy exercise.  Maybe running, tennis?  Or perhaps you are doing some yoga and/or Pilates? They say you should stretch after exercise.  Some people say you should stretch before exercise too.  Lots of people talk about stretching as being part of yoga. It feels pretty good, too. […]

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3 steps to ease ‘tennis elbow’

Do you suffer from tennis elbow? Perhaps you are finding that doing the things you enjoy is getting more difficult for you, and that when you do them, you feel stiffness and aches – tennis elbow – afterwards. Your love of tennis, squash, dancing, or playing a musical instrument, is beginning to be seriously affected… […]

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Spare a thought for your toes…  they get little attention, taken for granted, are thought unimportant.  Generally, we don’t care for them much – I’m sure lots of people have a guilty secret about how rarely they even cut their toenails – I know it’s a job I don’t much enjoy! But actually, they are […]

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