I have suffered from back and shoulder pain for many years – I slipped a disc in my 20s, and later the pregnancies and difficult births of 2 children compounded my troubles.  I had tried all the things people usually try – osteopathy, yoga, Pilates – and although they helped for a while, the pain and tension kept coming back.  I was beginning to resign myself to a life of back pain…  Eventually a friend suggested I try the Alexander Technique.  I was really sceptical, but right from my first session with Peter, I realised that something was changing.  And that process has continued, as Peter has gently brought me to an awareness of my bad postural habits and tensions, and given me the experience and understanding of how to let go of these.  As a result, my friends tell me my posture is much better, my back and shoulders are in much better shape, and I am altogether more comfortable and pain-free, which brightens everything! – Leonie Ryan, NW3

Client - Harriett Brand

I had had shoulder problems since I was a teenager, but had never found a way to address them.  Friends had recommended Alexander Technique, but for years I never followed it up.  When I eventually started lessons with Peter, he helped me understand how and why my shoulder was in trouble, helped me with his hands towards the ease I didn’t have, and taught me how to develop that ease for myself.  I moved from understanding next-to-nothing to curing my chronic shoulder problem.  And my posture has improved beyond recognition.  The whole process has been a revelation – I feel Alexander Technique should be mandatory for everyone, and I really regret not having explored it earlier!  – Harriett Brand, NW3

Client - Linda Taggart

Middle age was getting the better of me when I came to Peter with pain in my knee, hip, and elbow.  I’d done Pilates and Yoga, but it was all getting worse – and I hated it!  But working with Peter and the Alexander Technique has changed all that: Peter has given me both the physical experience of release of tensions all over my body, and the mental understanding of how and why I got into difficulty – and, more important, how to get out of it again.  The results are that the performance of my aching joints has improved beyond recognition; and if they do still occasionally play up, I now know how to address my problems myself. And, as treasured and unexpected bonuses, the shape of my body has improved, and my general strength and suppleness have increased dramatically.  I am absolutely delighted with the lightness and ease of my movement after lessons with Peter.  Fabulous! – Linda Taggart, W10

I have a severe curvature of the spine and every decade since my 20s have worked for a while with an Alexander Technique teacher to improve my posture. I’ve found it difficult, perhaps partly because of the way the scoliosis affects my sense of my body. And I’ve generally not persisted, because, although I’ve experienced benefits, I’ve been frustrated by feeling like a passive recipient, rather than active and engaged in a subtle learning process. It has been different working with Peter. Quite apart from the non-verbal work that he does, he is a very skilled and relaxed communicator. I am really enjoying feeling that I am learning, and truly involved, partly because of the way Peter explains and shows me how my body works, and partly because of how he manages, gently and warmly, to help me interrupt an unhelpful inner voice and find a way to allow my body to inhibit old habits of poor use.  I am now 58 and with the problems with my spine, I wasn’t sure what I could achieve.  But after a few months of sessions with Peter, I’ve noticed a profound difference: my back no longer feels exhausted, and I no longer slump sideways at my desk at the end of the day. It’s a subtle process, and not always a straightforward one, but I have glimpses of greater ease and balance which I did not expect. – AW, N6

Client - thelma_owen_

I went to Peter for help with an awkward pain in my arm and shoulder, brought on doing Acqua-aerobics.  He resolved that problem in a couple of sessions through skilful use of his hands on my neck, shoulder, arm, and back.   Even better, in the process Alexander Technique with Peter has also helped to restore some of the awareness I lost after a stroke. Now I move around with far greater ease than I thought I could ever have again. I’m thrilled!  I cannot recommend Peter and the Alexander Technique highly enough. – Thelma Owen, N4

Testimonial - Jonathan Waxman

Peter has been the most enormous help in making me understand how my body fits together, adjusting my balance and making life comfortable again.  He has helped me understand through the Alexander Technique how my posture is composed of ill formed habits and this awareness has enabled me to sit, stand and walk with ease.  – Jonathan Waxman, NW1, Consultant Oncologist (cancer specialist)


Ever since my late 20s I have suffered from a form of osteoarthritis in my joints.  It began in my knees but over the years progressed to my hips and elbows.  I’ve had extensive medical treatment for this, including 2 replacement hips, and I’ve tried all sorts of alternative therapies too.  But the pain in my joints and overall discomfort have been a constant.  Eventually I have come to Alexander Technique with Peter, and am finding relief from the tensions that have been exacerbating my problems by forcing my joints too tightly together for years.  I really enjoy my lessons with Peter, and he is a very supportive, sensitive, and intuitive teacher.  With his guidance I have become more aware of the way I move, and so now I can change old habits and move in a more natural and fluid way.  I realise it is not a quick fix, but having experienced some subtle but significant changes in just a short time, I am committed to the Technique long-term.  I highly recommend the Technique and Peter as a teacher of it, without hesitation. – Roberta Lewis, NW3