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Spare a thought for your toes…  they get little attention, taken for granted, are thought unimportant.  Generally, we don’t care for them much – I’m sure lots of people have a guilty secret about how rarely they even cut their toenails – I know it’s a job I don’t much enjoy!

But actually, they are a really important part of our anatomy, crucial to our balance.  Test it by standing while lifting your toes off the floor – feels unstable, IS unstable.

Now stand normally, but think of melting your toes into the floor… and for most of us, our whole body and mind softens, pain eases.

Let’s take it a step further (not a great pun, but I don’t claim to be a comedian…).  Below is a picture of the lower leg and foot bones.  Look how long the toe-like bones are – they start half-way back to your heel.



So now think of your feet skeletally – think of your toes starting where the toe-bones start, half-way towards your heel.  And think of letting all that soften onto the floor.

And next time you go for a walk or a run, remember your toes – ALL of your toes, not just the bits that stick out the end – and you may find it all a bit easier…

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